Tvii Son are the Ukrainian trio comprised of  Floszrian Zimmer, Mika Shkurat and vocalist and writer Lucy Zoria. They announced the release of self-titled debut album which will be out on September 18th via MIC. According to the press release, Over 18 months, they built their frameworks of abstract sounds made into immediate rhythms, with Lucy’s style adapting to the grooves until the total sound you hear now had coalesced.

You might detect hints of King Midas Sound in the dub spaces, a little Pan Sonic in the crackle and hiss, some classic electroclash in the sass of the songs, even a bit of cheeky dancehall and grime in the sprung rhythms of “Simple Ends” and “Kilang” – but most of all you’ll naturally focus on the totality of those songs.

Am I” is the first excerpt. Listen below.