Rising funk-soul duo The Good Manners announced the release of their debut EP, Godspeed, out tomorrow. After leaving their home countries of Guatemala and Spain, Marcos Gonzalez and producer Gabriel Robles (guitar/bass/keys) met at university in London in 2016. Despite their different backgrounds, Marcos and Gabriel bonded over their love of classic funk and soul, combined with their deeply rooted latin influence.

Godspeed combines retro-soul and funk sensibilities with contemporary R&B-infused pop elements, in order to create a sound that is full-bodied and undeniably vibrant. They explain: “Working on Godspeed has definitely been a bit of a journey. There are so many different sounds, influences, and feelings that we wanted to show on the mixtape. In the end I think we managed to represent all of them pretty well, and when you listen through the track list we hope you feel them too.”

Check the full streaming below.