Two years after A Conscious Effort, Italian musician and sound artist Attilio Novellino released a new album titled Strängar which is out now via German label Forwind. Four tracks of piano variants, electronics and electroacoustics. He shared a new video for the track “Strängar I”. It was created by Pedro Gonzàlez Fernàndez.

He explains: “Contemporary electronic music seems to need extra-musical meanings and a specific concept to be listened to. This can be claustrophobic at times. For this record I was direct, talking only about the sound aspect and describing the process I followed. In this way I believe I pulled out from the matter all the implicit conceptual potential, without further denotation. The title ‘Strängar’ has a strong connection to the matter, steel of the strings, as well as the sculptures to gypsum in the cover art, both showing that praxis and contemplation cannot be separated. Practical life and contemplative life are coexistent, in the modern era at least”.

Watch it below.

According to the press release, Recorded in Stockholm at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, and in Catanzaro, Italy, Attilio used a wide range of sound sources including; piano soundboard with strings, grand piano, prepared piano, Buchla 200 modular synthesizer, Serge modular, Prophet 5, harmonium, organ, percussions and electronics. There are varied approaches and results across the four pieces as it moves from some beautifully recorded grand piano sections via ambience and carefully crafted abrasiveness.

Visiting Sweden was a big influence on Attilio’s thinking and along with some other subtle cues like the artwork, adds another clue as to the geographical and cultural influences. While always tempting to dig for these things as part of a species who are constantly trying to make connections and spot patterns, it is probably best to heed the artist’s direction and enjoy it as a piece of work working within its own framework, wherever the pieces might take you.