Born and raised in the previously closed Russian military city of Severodvinsk, Milan-based experimental electronic producer Ka Fu announced the release of his second full-length which follows 2019’s debut Encoding: Master. Heretic will be out on October 9th via Hidden Vibes.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track called “Red Coffee” which shows the enchanting vocals melodies and the well-built, dynamic lines of the sound.  He explains: “Red Coffee is about questioning things. This follows the overall new album concept – turning to “Heretic” mode.  Nowadays for me there is just no trust to any official or state structures, their level of hypocrisy is overwhelming, only our own intuition and knowledge matters means we have to spend much more time analysing things and questioning them than ever before. Red Coffee is just about that, it’s about how we tend to name and fix things and then follow them forever instead of questioning the perceived reality.”

Listen below.