Three years after Life After Youth, Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Elizabeth Powell returns with her project Land of TalkIndistinct Conversations is the new album which will be out on July 31st via Saddle Creek. Powell produced and arranged the tracks together with her bandmates Mark “Bucky” Wheaton (drums/keys) and Christopher McCarron (bass), and the trio recorded the album in a studio built by McCarron in Wheaton’s apartment basement.

We already shared “Weight of That Weekend”, “Diaphanous” and “Compelled”; “Footnotes” is a new excerpt. She explains: “The music itself is the very sound of people connecting – lush and layered with swirling synths and dreamy guitar noise, driving drums – I envision us all sweatily, joyfully performing together on stage. Lyrically though this song has revealed itself to be about loneliness. How we get sidelined by/stuck in it, and the wish-hope-struggle to reach out and connect with others. The chorus promise ‘I’ll be there night after night’ is at once comforting and threatening.

Is it a loved-one talking or the loneliness itself?” The video’s performer/director Lara Kramer adds, “In creating the visuals for ‘Footnotes,’ I was given total freedom. Listening to Lizzie’s song, it allowed me to touch a dreamscape of an unknown territory. Immersed in the music, it spurred my subconscious, carrying me to a place where I was able to envision this little facet of another universe. It was like seeing what is beyond the invisible, beneath the ice or beyond translucent fog.

Watch the official video below.