Back in 2019,  American composer, musician and singer-songwriter William Ryan Fritch released two new albums: Deceptive Cadence: Music For Film Vol. I & II. and also the original music for the short film “Exit 12: Moved By War”. Now he released a new work titled The Letdown which is out via Lost Tribe Sound. It is part of the new series titled Fearful Void.

According to the press release, The Letdown’ is a record better identified by the vibe it creates rather than a particular genre or style. It’s dirty, unapologetically loud and charmingly haphazard. It’s the sort of self-educated, non-jazz record that critics of Moondog would have written off as impure. Frankly, we’re good with that. The strength of the record lies not with any collegiate-level classification, but in its ability conjure moods that just feel good, are instantly familiar and invite a certain nostalgia. The gritty, noir side of it, brings to mind the old black and white detective stories. The jovial, 1920’s romanticism, lends a bit of class and gives the sense that even though everything is falling to shit, we are going to power through it with a bit of song and dance.

Whatever one happens to take away from this album, ‘The Letdown’ is meant to be fun, help the whisky burn just a bit less, and keep the blood flowing. Read into it too much and you might spoil it. Guaranteed it is unlike any Fritch record to date. 

Check the full streaming below.