Video still by Nicole Cecile Holland


Two years after the first full-length Plurality Trip, Canadian producer, and composer Jay Crocker aka Joyfultalk released a new album. A Separation Of Being is out now via Constellation Records. According to the press release, It is a tour-de-force of modern composition systems music for electronics and strings.

He explains: ” “A Separation Of Being is a three movement composition composed with a scoring system called “The Planetary Music System”. The PMS is a system I have been developing over the past 8 years. It is a circular scoring system based on gear sets.  Each voice/instrument loops in its own orbit creating music that feels like infinite change. A Separation Of Being is the purest usage of this system to date.”

Today we have the pleasure to share a new live video for the second movement “Pixelated Skin” which features strings by Bela String trio: Anna Wedlock (Violin), Carrie VanSlyke (Viola), and Catherine Little (Cello). It was recorded in February 2020 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and shot & edited by Nicole Cecile Holland.

He adds about the track: “It exemplifies a cascade of rolling polyrhythmic colour and angles. In my work I have been attempting to humanize the electronic music experience by softening certain parts of the idiom and adding variants to give the music a more physical existence. Adding strings to the composition was a natural choice for me based on the instruments’ infinite possibilities and versatility. I was set to perform ASoB across Canada and beyond but due to the global COVID-19 pandemic these concerts have been postponed.”

Watch it below and check also our talk with him in which he details the new album.