Patrick Hamilton is a Belgian veteran composer, musician and producer, also known as the founder of the The Globe Recording Studios. He announced the release of a new full-length titled Journey to the unknown which will be out on July 10th via 1631 Recordings. Pre-order is available here.

We already shared “Indecisive“, “Le 16ème Avril”  and “A New Beginning”; he recorded a video in which he introduces the upcoming album. Watch it below and read the full story.

Every man has his cave… so does Patrick Hamilton, be it a five star version in his case : The Globe Studio’s. This popular music lab has been a meeting place for artists, musicians and singers from all over the world, a hive of busy bees creating catchy songs. Patrick , producer – pianist and composer, has provided a launchpad for every and any talent to rocket skyhigh, fuelled by his experience and a keen nose for business. The cave thus has it’s own “wall of fame” … In these historical times of lockdown the studio’s have completely transformed, Due to the confinement measures, the place is empty.

You might imagine Patrick dwelling his territory like a lonesome and lost cowboy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, Patrick recognised this situation to be an unexpected present. Time to let the genie out of the bottle to grant him his own wishes. After having made magic for others he can finally focus on what is emerging from his very heart and soul : His own originals. Supported by the inspiring environment of the forest near the Globe Studios, he set course to undiscovered realms, something he experienced to be quite a challenge despite of the musical miles he has already travelled. .

Guided by the movies projected on his inner screen, modern classics flow from his fingers. This alchemist process of turning images into music ,is profound and personal. Though the pictures to which he composes his music are quite specific, Patrick wants his music to be an open invitation to create your own movie or image concert… freewheeling and tuning in to your own dreams… Balancing on the edge of his already vast comfortzone, Patrick experienced these creations as exciting pulses and waves tempting him in new directions. Taking cautious but determined steps he started his… …journey to the unknown.