Evicshen aka Victoria Shen is an experimental music performer, sound artist, and instrument-maker native to San Francisco but working out of New England. She announced the release of a new album. Hair Birth is out on July 17th via American Dream Records. We already shared “Under The Stall Door”; “Fever Pitch” is a new excerpt.

According to the press release, it is the result of several weekends locked in a studio creating cacophonous, wondrous synth noise with Harvard’s Buchla 100 and Serge modular systems.  She tracked hours of stems before cloistering herself in a painstaking editing process. Songs like “Under The Stall Door” sound like a cybernetic rollercoaster with rumbles and shrieks that hurtle the listener through virtual space. Others, like “Bolete,” are tense, dense mood pieces that move from the queasy to the tranquil to the surreal.

Hair Birth is not limited to audio though – Shen wants the full expression of the album to be experienced visually, haptically, and to be embodied as a living breathing artifact.  In a total integration of sound and image, Shen has created an album that you listen to, through its own art.

Watch the official video below.