Three years after No Home of The Mind, American band Bing & Ruth (led by pianist David Moore) announced the release of a new album. Species is out on July 17th via 4AD. It was inspired by two recent loves of Moore’s: the desert and long-distance running. Briefly relocating from his New York base to Point Dume, between the Pacific Ocean and the desert, Moore was able to indulge in both passions, which in turn provided stimulus for new work.

He says, “I’d found myself in places unfamiliar enough that I could easily lose all sense of direction, size and, more than anything, all sense of time. The music I was making became a kind of reflection of these intentional detachments – and a place to mirror that feeling of trance that had pushed them out in the first place.”

We already shared “I Had No Dream” and “Live Forever”; “The Pressure of This Water” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.