Pinkshinyultrablast is a Russian project (lead by vocalist Lyubov) from St. Petersburg. Two years after  Miserable Miracles, they are back with a new track titled “Songs” which is out via Club AC30. With vocalist Lyubov moving to LA, the band were deeply immersed in exploring new ways of composing and collaborating from a distance long before it was enforced.

They explained: “this one is kind of an oddball. I think when we recorded ‘Songs’ we weren’t really sure what to do with this 15-minute-long beast, or if we will ever get a chance to release it. For some reason, this B-side feels especially dear to all of us. Possibly because it encapsulates a certain time of us existing together as a band, a very specific moment. We’ve been living in different cities for over four years now, and I think what I miss the most about us all being in the same place is the ability to regularly spend time together in the same room, practice, and run ideas by one another —  just communicate and figure stuff out, side by side.
I went to a Terry Riley show last December and he was playing with his grandson Gyan. They were sitting on the opposite sides of a really wide stage, pretty far apart from one another, separated by this giant concert grand – playing, pausing, improvising – and just kind of secretly smiling at each other from across the hall. When I think of the time we worked on this song, I think of those kinds of smiles, you know. It feels like hearing back a long conversation you’ve had with a dear friend a while back. Maybe you don’t agree with everything you’ve said back then, but then it doesn’t even really matter, because you know you were just able to truly relate.”

Listen below.