Zes is the moniker of Dutch musician, Joep le Blanc. Through his music, he chronicles an enigmatic, deeply personal journey of self-discovery, told through the lens of contemporary electronic music. Making his first debut on bitbird, Zes has shared his 5-track EP “Somewhere In The Middle”.

The project details a personal mental health journey for Zes, across acoustic instrumentals and indie electronic soundscapes. Each song on the EP represents a step in this journey and the curiosity and uncertainty of these steps, as well as Zes’ development as an artist.

When speaking on the project Zes shares, “In each of the five tracks, I set out to create sonic pockets of deeper meaning by returning to my roots in acoustic instrumentation; letting the lyrics flow from the abstract contemplative process I felt in those moments. Whenever the soul-searching developments became too abstract to explain in words, I was able to translate these feelings through sonic representations.

Listen below.