Thoom is a Lebanese-born, Chicago-raised, Berlin-based producer and vocalist. She announced the release of the debut album Pork which will be released on August 7th via Career Whore. According to the press release, After leaving Lebanon at the age of 11 to head to the United States, Thoom has always reached towards in her rich family heritage for inspiration. When attending art school in Chicago, she found herself immersed in the vibrant DIY-noise scene, and often combines the two to form her artistic voice.

Thoom debuted on the Californian label Club Chai in 2017 then began collaborating with emerging artists Via App & E-Saggila, resulting in an EP for Montreal’s Infinite Machine, as well as Swedish label Northern Electronics where she just released a track on their latest compilation.

Pork is a departure from her previous releases, replacing breakneck rhythms with abstract electronics, murky atmospheres and a drive towards introspection, and for the first time, Thoom prioritises melody, songwriting and the honesty of her own supple voice over rage and electronic noise.

Watch the official video for the first excerpt “Shaytan“. It was directed by Yusra Nazek.