A few weeks after the release of Apartment Songs Volume 1, Italian pianist and musician Bruno Bavota has released a new EP called Apartment Loops Vol. 1 which is out today via Temporary Residence. It features a suite of celestial, transcendent songs for synthesizer, written, produced, and recorded in isolation from his home in Southern Italy during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This new work follows two albums (RE_CORDIS and Get Lost) released via Temporary Residence in 2019. Listen below and check the track by track in which he details the new EP.

Apartment Loop #1: This is the first track I made for the Apartment Loops project. Each track reflects different emotions I experienced during quarantine. This track in particular represents the beginning of the quarantine period, where everyone in Italy has to stay at home and everything seems to be stuck and I felt stuck and living a time of disquieting listlessness, like paralyzed. What I want to express here was some desolating sounds, to freeze a particular time I was living. I started this track with a sequencer function that I’ve on my synthesizer called Tombola, I use it when I want to create a random sequence. You can just throw notes into the tombola sequence and then set and adjust parameters like gravity, mass and spinning speed. Then I started to pass this random sequence of notes through a combined delay and reverb effect pedals that I love. I set up long delay and long decay to create a shimmering cascade of sounds. The last thing I added was the moving synthesizer below all this randomness to give more space to the melody. This is surely the most ambient track of Apartment Loops collection.

Apartment Loop #2: Totally different track It’s Apartment Loop #2. I had a different emotion for that one, after the first sad quarantine period I started to wake up earlier in the morning with new ideas and inspirations. Everything is brighter here, like a weak light that becomes more and more shining, like a renewed hope. I started with the main melody that is going to play to the whole track adding delay, reverb and manipulated the action of the filter real time as I recorded. Before working on that I manipulated and saved a sound on my synthesizers that It sounds useless where I made it but then It made sense where I put below the main melody. It’s a space, disturbing sound like radio jamming that was perfect for that track! In the middle of the track I added some long leading low notes that let all the sounds open wide.

Apartment Loop #3: This is the track that I enjoyed the most playing and It tooks me more time to improve and refine it. It perfectly reflects a rediscovered strength that I found day by day during last quarantine weeks and in this track I tried to express all my will to turn a tough moment into a new opportunity to live emotions that I never expressed before through new music. Like Apartment Loop #2, I started working on the leading repetitive melody and adding delay, reverb and manipulated the action of the filter realt time as I recorded. When I had all the melody and first layer complete, I passed through a modulated reverb with extra long decay fed to a highly resonant filter to create ambient pads with noises at some point. Then I added a second layer, a very simple and clear chord that came in to guide the melody. I thought that I needed an arpeggio! I started working on the notes of the arpeggio before finding the perfect sounds to let him play in the right way. This is surely the momentum of the track where everything started sounds nice to me. When I was at the beginning of adjusting the layers of the track I felt that there’s missing something. I was starting to search for a sound until I found a heavy and powerful sound that I added when the arpeggio started to play its momentum.