Gavsborg is the project of Kingston-based producer Gavin Blair. He’s back with a new EP titled Kevin From Ivory Coast which features Shanique Marie. According to the press release, The project takes steam as ​Gavsborg trades ideas via voice notes with ​Shanique Marie, which frames the tracks together by vocalising abstract stanzas for the piece. ​Gavsborg speaks about the project as one that takes him back to his early childhood roots of Mobb Deep & Erykah Badu via compilations like 60 minutes of Funk tapes & Alric & Boyd’s ‘Fat Block’ weekly Hip Hop radio show on Fame FM, Kingston, Jamaica.

The EP cover showcases a funny collage of ‘ransom note style’ design from various Ghanaian newspapers with a photograph of ​Kevin (​who was created & gifted to Gavsborg by Abidjan based Ivorian metalwork street artist ‘A​ we’​). The name ‘Kevin’ was given to the curious metal creature by a wonderful kid from Ireland.

Listen below.