Haux is the project of Berkshires-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Woodson Black. After a couple of EPs, he announced the release of his first full-length. Violence in A Quiet Mind is out on June 26th via Color Study. It was produced by Thomas Bartlett (Vagabon, Sufjan Stevens, Rhye). We already shared “Heavy” and “Calico”; “Accidents” is a new excerpt.

He explains: “‘Accidents’ is one memory that remained [from childhood]; driving with one of my crushes in the back of my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s car while he was pretty buzzed wondering if we crashed, would it actually be worse than how we were feeling at the time (being 13 or 14 years old). It’s messed up but sometimes when you’re dealing with someone struggling with addiction you kind of welcome rock bottom because then at least something might change. 

It takes a lot of energy to sift through the past. I feel like this album has allowed me to retell my childhood with all the parts I chose to forget back then. It’s scary to know that the way I cope with difficult times is to forget them. I guess part of growing up is shedding those old coping habits and learning that remembering is actually ok, that it’s healthy.”

Listen below.