Flõstate are a Canadian duo comprised of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Avery Florence and producer MKSTN. Inspired by a wide variety of artists and genres, the duo site acts such as Beach House, Galimatias, Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Enya, Little Mermaid, Matt Corby, Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd as key influences to their sound.

Time” is the debut track which is about time as a tangible object and it is out via Lekker Collective. It shows the warm and embracing female vocals, the’ r’n’b lines and the melancholic mood of the sound. They explain:

“The key instruments and heart of this track is the Morrocan horn (which I impulsively bought in Morocco when I almost died hiking… also the reed broke so the horn lives in this song only forever lol), the Wah-Wah Rhodes, and Electric guitar. A lot of it was experimentation on how to create flow and space between everything, but I wanted it to feel like an unpredictable journey from hopeful and melancholy, to eerie, dark, and mysterious.”

“This song feels like floating – it evokes the feeling of being in a timeless state. I see the themes of this song as an introduction to what Flostate means. The musical contrast of wavy guitar and sharp percussion fuses dayand night. Like day and night, you feel time slow down and speed up simultaneously.”

Listen below.