Yorkshire trio PEAKES, which we introduced with the track “Saint“, are back with a new EP titled Pre Invented World. According to the press release, it is their most cinematic collection of songs yet. It is, at turns, both claustrophobic and expansive, with lyrics that deal in anxiety and alienation serenely sung over rich and resounding electronic structures, it’s a sound defined by its shifting walls.

Listen below and check the track by track in which they details the new EP.

On The Other Side

I often feel like I’m coasting through life and ‘going through the motions’ of it all. I think I find it quite easy to become disengaged and disassociated from what I’m doing and I can slip into repetitive behaviours that aren’t benefiting me. This song is about those moments when you need that other person to pull you out from that place. Someone else who can offer that new perspective you desperately need.

A Sacred Place

It’s a homage to the human brain and the mind’s capabilities. A reminder to be content in your own head. We forget to take a step back and exist in our thoughts and this song is about the importance of contemplation

We’ll Talk

It’s about the breakdown of a relationship and the decision of one person to cut their losses and walk away. When someone you care about continues to make bad choices and you’re left with knowing that you have to stop seeing this person even when you’ve invested so much time and care into the relationship.

Careless Creation 

The verses and pre were written on a day when I was especially angry about the patriarchy and what barriers women have to come up against. I was at my most frustrated and felt like we would never get anywhere in equalising society.  The verses especially are about the older generation and they’re indifference to change. When we finished the song in the studio and listened back, we realised it could also very much be about Brexit.