Scott Ryan Davis of Psychic Ills returns with his solo project named Virginia Trance and a new record that blends proto-punk, sounds of The Velvet Underground, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and 80s alternative rock staple Flying Nun Records. Old teammates Chris Millstein and Jimy Seitang (Psychic Ills) join the ride to fill out the rhythm section.

After launching the video made for the song “Hello Lou Reed”, the artist released this new album called Vincent’s Playlist on May 8th via BYM Records.

Listen below and check the track by track which details the new LP.


It’s a rock song with fuzz guitars and lyrical content related to the origins of the term Rock and Roll.

Some People

A song about people living ordinary and extraordinary lives. And then dying. Maybe think of it in line with Jim Carroll Band’s People Who Died but minus new wave punk. Some people like you & me. 

Between You & Me

The music industry. Relationships. Jobs. 

Color & View

I personally prefer Caillebotte. Failure & Fantasy

Hello Lou Reed

Ryan Weisheit’s sax playing brought the whole song to another plane. While in the studio Weisheit told me of the time he met Lou Reed when he worked at an Apple store. Everybody shops.


Sam Maquieira’s lead guitar. The Rolling Stones, Spiritualized, I could continue but I made a playlist on Spotify.

Radio Broke-Down

I’m appropriating the title from Ishmael Reed’s Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down, which I should add is a great book.

Mary Cassatt

Who is your favorite Impressionist painter? Some rough and wild Felt inspired guitar. Sam Maquieira contributes a lead part playing against mine. 

Move Away

Who owns what and do legal systems protect individuals and communities? Being tired of the hassle.

Between You & Me #3

It is always the same hassle any way you look at it.