Safe Jazz is the project of Los Angeles producer and musician Jesse Schuster. He’s influenced by contemporaries like Kiefer and Sam Wilkes, with the rich compositions of downtempo electronic like Bonobo or Four Tet. He anounced the release of a the debut EP which will be out on July 10th via Pop Can Records, a label Schuster co-founded with his friend Pat Morrissey. We already shared “Good Vibes”; “Sigh” is a new excerpt.

He explains: “At times the injustices around us seem insurmountable. I began to write this song, Sigh around the time when we were protesting the separation of children from their families at the border. I revisited the song as fires burned across the world from the Amazon to Los Angeles, as our world’s climate continues to heat from the manufacturing of our conveniences. And the song’s melancholy is now the melody as Minneapolis, the place where I grew up and call home, burns in the heat of 400 years of racial injustice. This is the exhale when hope feels unfounded. 

This song makes space for reflection. But as I share it, I also feel impassioned by the outcry for change that’s swept the country these last several weeks. To all the people who are standing up for justice and restructuring our society to reflect the best in us, THANK YOU! You are emboldening us to rise to be the best in ourselves. 

I also want to recognize that this song rooted in jazz and hip hop, and truly all the music I  play, is indebted to the infinite richness of Black culture and Black music. 

It’s with dedication and pride that I say BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Listen below.