Manuka is a Glasgow-based producer and composer. A few months after Undalain, he announced the release of a new album. Palisades is out on August 3rd, but you can check the full streaming via Bandcamp. According to the press release, Though the title Palisades brings to mind an enclosure, the first ambient full-length from Glasgow’s Manuka is anything but fenced-in; rather, its ethereal presence looms like misty fog over the picturesque highland vistas of the producer’s wide-open native Scottish countryside.

One will, however, find themselves surrounded – enthralled – as transportive bodies of sound are pieced together from moody piano sessions, one-take Eurorack improvisations, granular processing, melodic synthesis, and rapid-fire experimentation. The warm cloak of soundscapes evoked from these beds of generative tones and textures is delicate and airy, fleeting, though dense with shifting substance and shimmering detail.

Listen below.