The First Minute of a New Day are the Franfurt-based duo comprised of long time friends, producers and composers Lars Bartkuhn and Jan Hennig (better known by his artist name Kabuki). Self-titled first collaborative album is out now. According to the press release, both veterans in their respective corners of club culture (Kabuki in Jungle, Bartkuhn in House), their experiments together saw them drift away from beat-centric, floor-filling music, and land on the deep-listening side of soundsystem culture.

These sessions saw both producers combine their individual strengths — Kabuki as an engineer, sound designer and modular synth wiz, Bartkuhn as a classically trained musician, composer and guitar player — into something that carries their sonic fingerprints yet achieves something greater than the sum of its parts. Impressed with the results of these sessions they decided on naming their project The First Minute of a New Day, and focussed on mixing and editing down the sessions with an album in mind. The duo also enlisted fellow sound-traveler Laraaji, who jammed long-distance, layering his characteristic phased zither over one of their sketches, which became “July 14th”.

Listen below.