wo years ago we introduced Coliguacho, the project of Santiago-based musician and producer Ben Griffiths. The self-titled debut album was in our best albums list of 2018. He released a new EP titled Migrations which is out now via Hush Hush Records. All proceeds for ‘Migrations’ via Bandcamp will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

According to the press release, While his adventurous and adaptable musical spirit has led to steady work composing music for documentaries as well as collaborations with some of Chile’s most exciting young pop artists, Coliguacho steps back into the forefront with ‘Migrations,’ a transportive 4-track EP that reveals new shades to his impressive sonic palette.

The origins of ‘Migrations’ date back to late 2015 when Benjamin was studying music as a college student in Melbourne. Inspired by the works of Hungarian-Austrian composer György Ligeti and Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara, he wrote an original composition designed to mimic the sounds of migratory swallows through the impressionistic application of orchestral instruments. Performed with the help of his fellow classmates, the resulting recordings reveal a rich tapestry of ambient, jazz, and neo-classical styles that swoop, sway, bolt, and glide in dynamic fashion. Much like the profound, mysterious, and unpredictable beauty of birds flying in murmurations, the EP’s four movements offer elegant pastoral moments that build with the frenetic tension and precise energy of sublime controlled chaos.

Check the full streaming below.