SpaceAcre are a France based, British alt-pop duo compised of  Phoebe Little (lead vocals, guitar, keys) and Jas Scott (vocals, bass, synths, cello). Their music is inspired by artists as Goldfrapp, Little Dragon and Jeff Buckley. They announced the release of the debut EP titled Overthrown which will be out on August 28th.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the first excerpt titled “Landslides” which shows the delicate and enchanting vocals and the minimal and evocative lines of the sound. They explain:  “Landslides is the song that brought SpaceAcre into existence so we feel like it’s the right place to start. We didn’t mean to create a new band, but everything just clicked from that first collaboration. It felt like this track was already out in the air, waiting to fall into place.”

They added: “The rest of the EP evolved from “Landslides” as we gradually discovered our sound and started to push our creative process, playing with different starting points and approaches. We love being in the studio with James as the vibe and energy are amazing and you never know when a moment of manic inspiration is about to hit. It’s an EP that is close to our hearts as some of these stories are pretty personal. It’s mainly about conflict; internal battles, prejudice and complex relationships.”

Watch it below.

Check the track via Soundcloud.