Coby Sey is a London-based NTS Radio DJ and musician. According to the press release, he shared a 5-track record on Young Turks’ sub-label Whitiesin 2019. A long time collaborator of Mica Levi and Tirzah, Coby now forges his own path as producer. Sey’s atmospheric sound spans the realms of live instrumentation, sample-based productions, and classical and experimental music. Similar to Actress and Dean Blunt, Sey’s work reflects the steamy and sheltered eroticism of London’s nightlife. 

He releaed a new album titled MASS which is the original soundtrack of a movie written and directed by Nadeem Din-Gabisi. It  takes as a starting point the concept of ‘Black visual frequency’ coined by academic Tina Campt, which for the artist, translates as a place of home and belonging, seen and unseen.

Filmed on 16mm, 8mm and digital video, ‘MASS’ gives poetic expression to this unseen spectrum of background signals and contrasts them with vivid depictions of a shared and intimate private space of sanctuary, solidarity and celebration.

Listen below.