Hania Rani is a Polish based pianist, composer and singer-songwriter which we introduced different times. One year after the debut album Esja, recently she released the sophomore full-length Home which is out via Gondwana Records (Portico Quartet, GoGo Peguins, Mammal Hands, Sunda Arc).

She explained: “I feel like ‘Home’ is a second part of the same book, that the start was in ‘Esja’, a musical prelude to a real plot. I feel Home is a story with an ending, so the next book can tell a totally different one. I am constantly looking for new ways of expression. I am curious where ‘Home’ will lead me and my music.

According to the press release, the album offers a metaphorical journey: the story of places that become our home sometimes by chance, sometimes by choice. It is the story of leaving a place that is familiar and the journey that follows it. Home opens with the fragment of the short story “Loneliness” by Bruno Schulz, which can be seen as a parable of a journey that does not necessarily mean going beyond the physical door but can signify going beyond the symbolic limits of our knowledge and imagination.

She added: “One can be lost but can find home in his inner part – which can mean many things – soul, imagination, mind, intuition, passion. I strongly believe that when being in uncertain times and living an unstable life we can still reach peace with ourselves and be able to find ‘home’ anywhere’ This is what I would like to express with my music – one can travel the whole world but not see anything. It is not where we are going but how much we are able to see and hear things happening around us.

She shared a new video for the track “Tennen“. It was directed by Tim Georgeson. Watch it below and check our talk with her.