Fran & Flora are a London based string duo comprised of violin player Flora Curzon and cellist Francesca Ter-Berg. They combine aspects of traditional string music from Eastern Europe with original compositions and experimental electronics. Back in 2019, they released the debut album Unfurl.

Now they released a Remix EP titled Unfurl Remix which features South Korean experimental techno producer Enyang Ha, enigmatic ambient newcomer (and Bleep album of the week recipient) Dylan Henner, the all-female singing collective Deep Throat Choir, Portico Quartet, and London musicians Rotem Haguel and Rick Leigh under their The Yellow House guise.

They explain: “Finishing and releasing our first album Unfurl independently took three years, saw the coming together of so many talents and creative minds and felt like a joyous triumph. A year after the release we are excited to present to you 5 fresh new remixes from some of our friends and collaborators. We love them all, and together they have a united feel of dreamy subconscious and the exploration of new territory taking cuttings of rich string layers, voice, percussion and other textures from the album and intertwining them with each remixers own music aesthetic.”

Listen below and check the track by track which details the new EP.

La Obreja – Portico Quartet Remix

Portico Quartet are old pals, we recorded the strings on their latest album release and have a shared love of pickles! Their delicate musical offering takes splices of Floras solo vocal from the track La Obreja. Jack & Duncan have stretched this out into a vocal led dream world which builds and builds with etherial drums and processing of the naked voice as the track goes on.

Rockers – Deepthroat Choir Remix

We are big fans of Deep Throat Choir’s vibe, attitude, creative vocal ingenuity and powerful all female vibe. Rockers is an expansive and deep track made up of a series of improvised loops and layers and is the opening track on our album. Luisa Gerstein, the director of Deepthroat Choir took inspiration from the first pizzicato cello loop and builds from there. This remix is so celebratory and joyous and really expands upon all the layered elements from the original track. The stunning and soulful lyrics and lead vocals come from Fikir Assefa, with this being her recording debut, lifts the track into an even more vast journey.

Talking Trees – Enyang Ha Remix

Berlin based Korean Techno producer Enyang Ha takes fragments of an already fragmented Thracian folk tune that features on our album as Talking Trees. Initially this track is inspired by trees moving in the wind and communicating amongst themselves. We are deeply inspired by nature and trees in particular which is why they are the main focus of our album and remix artwork. Enyang explores the meandering string lines in Talking Trees in a total nuanced and spellbinding way, interweaving heavy techno beats and other analogue electronic textures with the original strings and processed lines. The relentless beating down feel take the track in an even more intense direction which we love and feel really captures the essence of the original piece.

Nubar Nubar – The Yellow House Remix

Softer now, but still dark, and another very atmospheric remix of our music, old friends Rick Leigh and Rotem Haguel who have formed the new moniker The Yellow House have created a beautiful tapestry out of the Armenian tune Nubar Nubar. Strogly incorporating the original 10/8 Jurjuna rhythm from the original frame drums recorded by Simon Roth, they manage to tease out melodic ideas against the groove. If you listen carefully you can still hear the cowbells every now and again, and of other percussion sounds created from instruments other than drums. This dreamy remix evokes unknown memories, and presents and otherworldly meditation. Forget the present and be transported.

Romanian Fantasies – Dylan Henner Remix

The perfect way to end this series of dreamy remixes, we have come full circle and back to the transcendental time-stretched feel of Portico Quartets lyrical rhythmical building remix but this time with a slower more transient turn. Dylan Henner’s beautiful and pensive take on Romanian Fantasies sheds an entirely different light on the original track. Fantasy meets altered state of consciousness, timeless floating in a cloud of unknowning.