Primal Forms is the collaborative album between Berlin-based producer Shackleton (Electronics, sequencing, and programming) and Polish musician and James Holden collaborator Waclaw Zimpel (Alto clarinet, violin, harmonium, e-piano, organ, frame drum, percussions, lira, and monochord). It will be out on July 31st via Shapednoise’s Cosmo Rhythmatic. “Primal Drones” is a new excerpt. Listen below.

Both artists boast a track record of successful collaborative projects, the two have united after being introduced by mutual friends, in wake of a shared interest in minimalism and a broad set of influences rooted in different musical traditions. Joining Zimpel’s demanding multi-layered experience in avantgarde jazz with Shackleton’s mathematical, esoteric lyricism, the pair have used all the tools at their disposal, aiming at a new form of ritual trance music. This fierce fusion of styles brings out the very best in each other, showing unique clarity and force.”