Howling is the project which includes Australian singer-songwriter and musician RY X and German artist Frank Wiedemann (Âme). They announced the second collaborative full-length. Colure is out on July 24th via Counter Records. According to the press release, they conjure transcendent creations out of their contrasting musical backgrounds and environments.

The album is assuredly dualistic: electronic and acoustic sounds sit comfortably side-by-side, and big melodic hooks are laced into hypnotic club productions. We already shared “Bind”; “Lover/Dew” is the new double single. Recorded during a late session in Berlin, they experimented with new techniques on ‘Dew’, “we began to crack open new aspects of our soundscape during those Berlin sessions” they commented.

On ‘Lover’ they pushed their sound further with the use of improvisation. “At first ‘Lover’ felt different from the other tracks, but it bloomed into a song that very much feels a part of the whole record, while also carrying the places it was born in. We can feel Ibiza and LA in this one”.

Listen below.