DIVVAS are a Swiss duo which include vocalist Corinne Nora and producer Dave Eleanor. They describe themselves with these words: “DIVVAS enacted vulnerabilty on stage is their trademark. They perform a delicate balancing act between pop music and future R’n’B, sending shivers down your spine. Witness the bare structure of basses, bubbling synths and passing noises ebbing away until there are only two voices left in a room. It’s the last noise before entering the empty void.

Challenger Deep is the debut release which will be out later this year. According to the press release, It  is the sonic rendition of a descent into the deepest point of the psychic abyss. It’s a dark, immersive and textured rendering of heartbreak – a taut mixture of electronics, guitars, effects and the human voice at its most vulnerable.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Come” which shows the warm and whispered vocals, the tense sound and the granular harmony. Corinne Nora explains: “We recorded this song at the end of our recording session last autumn. I played around with this flageolet riff on the guitar and improvised some melodies over it. Together we started writing lyrics to it, Dave added some sound scapes to it, that’s how ‚Come‘ eventually came into life.

Lyrically the song is depicting an emotional desert, a complete waste land where nothing grows anymore after a huge fire. We take the listener on a walk through this empty,  deserted scene. Have a close look around. We don’t want to give the fire a certain meaning, it can take on many forms. Just take its destructive force and look at the state it’s leaving you in. We all have our own personal fires that burn us to the ground if we let them.

But after a certain time beautiful plants start to grow out of burnt soil because the earth recovers and is again unspoiled and pure. So even in the worst circumstances, change is possible. To get there can be a painful process, but it’s worth it. We need to overcome these toxic states and conditions we’re living in in order to change for the better as a whole society. That’s our little message of hope and encouragement we want to send out during these strange times at the moment. Change is always an option. We have to go for it.”

Listen below and find them on Facebook.