This is an outing, in which you can count yourself lucky if you managed to get it. With this release, limited to 44 copies and available for sale on Soisong’s official website, COH re-insufflate life to Peter Christopherson. A much awaited release for those whose hearts tremble when listening to Soisong. Unfortunately for us, and very fortunately for Ivan Pavlov, the 25 first copies were sold out in 10 Minutes last night, they were released at 23:23 CET on 20.06.2020 to coincide with the year’s summer solstice. But I hear that the next 19 will go on sale very soon. So stay tuned!
COH is one of Ivan Pavlov‘s allies (Иван Павлов), which means sleep or dream in Russian. Throughout his career Ivan Pavlov has worked with people who will long mark the cult side of our Underground culture, such as singer Annie Anxiety, Cosey Fanni Tutti, with American artist Richard Chartier (under names Chessmachine and Nice Box) as well as with the British band Coil. Together with Peter Christopherson from Coil he launched the band Soisong in 2007.

This release is out today on WAVETRAP a record label originally founded in 1999 by John Everall and Ivan Pavlov. Following the most recent publication on the label, Mika Vainio‘s Revvity in 2006, the new release WAV07 is a semi-acoustic album by COH recorded between 2017 and 2019. Titled MUSIC VO [Very Old], it is a personal reflection on Soisong’s retro-futuristic approach to classical instruments and arrangements.

The official release is planned for July 01, 2020. In the meantime, here is the first excerpt.