ABADIR is the project of the Berlin-based Egyptian producer Rami Abadir, better known as the one-half of the experimental production duo 0N4B and the electronic music section editor of the Arabic music webzine Ma3azef. Recently he released a new album titled Liminal which is out now via Hush Hush Records. Listen below.

While ABADIR’s previous three solo EPs featured progressive maximal deconstructed club productions, his latest works showcase a more meditative tone with a largely beat-less pulse. A mesmerizing journey through five immersive soundscapes, ‘Liminal’ pairs enveloping drones with atmospheric field recordings and a hypnotic maze of absorbing glitch work. Each track explores distinctive territory, yet each piece is held together by an enveloping aesthetic that feels organic, environmental, and delicately sci-fi.

‘Liminal’ also touches upon a more personal and intimate sound for ABADIR. Unlike the fictional approach in his previous works, ‘Liminal’ serves as a reflection on his personal life as he navigated through major geographical, emotional, and professional shifts. The album’s writing sessions came during a significant career jump from his previous work as a corporate engineer, followed by his move to Germany. This difficult decision seeped through into his solo creations, yielding a deep listening experience that’s his most transportive offering in his growing catalog.

We hope you can get lost in ‘Liminal’ and experience a temporary escape from the heavier and harsher noises of everyday life.