Wild Anima is a French-Greek artist, Berlin-based sound artist. She announced the release of a new album titled Alkhemy which is out today via Sacred Sea Records. Pre-order is available here. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the track “Esoterra

According to the press release, Alkhemy is a concept album partly developed in Iceland exploring the field of ecology of emotions, ie. how our mental health reflects in the state of the environment in relation to the heart’s magnetic fields. Through a wide array of experimental vernaculars Wild Anima creates a very sensual, visceral and avant/art sound.

She explains: “The bulk of this material was created while I was touring/travelling all over Europe, and during rehearsals at my studiowhich is located on this tiny island on the Havel river, on theoutskirts of Berlin. Most of it came in the form of liveimprovisations, which I always start my performance with. That’swhy most of these songs are in 72 BPM. I noticed that after everyshow, the people who came up to me mostly wanted to talk aboutthis particular part of my set. For me, this is the part when Iespeciallyfeel like I’m tuning the audience to my energy.

I treatmy heart as a synthesiser and during my performances I use it to modulate and transmit energetic frequencies towards the people and the space around me. A lot of my music happens by accident, by me triggering the wrong pad, or making sounds that I didn’t expect. I like to think of these particular sounds as being created by the spirit, because I don’t know how else to explain it. There is this feeling when I know that a particular sound is formed by the “flow” and not metrying to control the creative process. It’s all very intuitive. When I improvise, I tend to draw random beats on a midi-grid, using my favourite kicks. Sometimes I play around with loops and then I sing on top of these patterns, and create vocal loops from what I Sing.”

Listen below.