Jamws is a South London multi-instrumentalist, performer and bedroom producer. He announced the release of the debut EP. Toronto is out today and according to the press release, it features five blissful, heartfelt tracks that together tell a personal story as well as providing a hazy, retrocentric summer soundtrack.

Toronto cinematically describes the various stages of heartbreak that can be universally felt in its emotive and powerful lyrics. For Jamws, however, this was not the intention. With the power of hindsight you can see how this brief collection of songs map out a relationship coming to its end and the space that grew between its protagonists, but it was started by cataloguing the distance itself that eventually separated them when his partner of ten years moved to Toronto to pursue an acting career.

Jamws describes the creative process as very cathartic, and that it was written and recorded on a kind of auto-pilot. He tells us “I didn’t go into the writing process thinking ‘ok, I’ve done a song about being afraid now I need to write one about being sad’, the songs just came. When I write I don’t tend to think too much, I just feel it out.”

We already shared “Playing For Keeps“; “Toronto” is a new excerpt. Listen below.