Berlin-based artist and producer TMPLT started his own Label TMPLT Records and the first release will be his new double album titled The Verge which will be out on June 30th. According to the press release, Inspired from the sound of e.g The Prodigy, Martyn, Finger Lickin’ Records and a lot more, TMPLT creates 12 unique tracks with dark and massive bassline -impacts. “The Verge” is a musical journey through various genres such as drum ‘n’ bass, breakbeat, dub techno away from the typical 4-to-the-floor rhythm.

Listen below and  check a playlist from the artist with tracks and artists which inspired his music.

Wu-Tang Clan. First album that me and my best friend of over 30 years, (cheers Dejvid) got super into. We would hear this track at house parties again and again. In 2018 our dreams came true seeing Wu-Tang live at Waldbühne (Berlin). I’ll never forget that day…


Jeru. For me one of DJ Premier’s best beats ever. I am a huge fan of his. His beats are incredible. No one knows many beats he produced, but I believe he is the best MPC Master on this planet.

Slyde. I heard this in a record store in Hannover, after this I was totally addicted to break beats. I have nearly all Finger Lickin’ Records which have been released.

Myra. The quality of the video is horrible but I wasn’t able to find a better one.
It’s simply timeless… This track needs no words.

Burial. My favorite Burial track. His production skills are crazy. I can identify a Burial track in the first 5 seconds. Creating my own signature sound is my biggest goal.

Woody. This track is so good. I’ve loved it since the first time I heard it. Sometime in the future I will make an edit of it 🙂 Simply timeless music. I’ve been playing this track since 2002 🙂

Herbert. This 12″ means a lot to me. It was maybe 2003 or 2004, at an afterhour at my good friend Benny’s flat :-). He has maybe, I don’t know, up to 5000 12″. Then we heard a mixtape of his, and this track drops in. I asked Benny what record is that???? He went to his Ikea Billy 12″ storage and picked this 12” from his collection. Boom.

I asked him if I could borrow the record from him. He agreed. I had to leave and I lost the 12″ at the train station. I ran to the kiosk and the vinyl was still there… uff. I had to take a taxi to get home for 50 bucks or so because it was the last train…I looked for my own copy of this record for 10 years until my good friend (Tine, thank you) gifted it to me. I made an edit of this track.

Agaric. I just found this in my record collection. It has a 7 minute intro and then – booooom. I love it. It’s from 2006 but it could be from 2020…

Curse. This is a German rap song. Curse is from my hometown. The lyrics are so pointed, and the Stieber Twins beat makes this track a special one for me…

Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy. For me this is one of the best hooks ever…