J. Juva is the project of West London based producer Joel Neale, known also as the guitarist of indie-rock quintet Saltwater Sun. Inspired by artists as Four Tet and Flying Lotus, he announced the release of the debut EP. Protozoa will be out on July 24th. According to the press release, he interweaves analogue instruments with dreamy electronics, producing something undeniably transcendent in the process. Today we share a new track titled “Miasma” which shows the infectious rhythms and the elegant, ambient subplot.

About the track, he says: “This track all started with the guitar arpeggios that I played in and layered up. There was originally much more guitar on this track but I re-orchestrated some of the parts onto harp for a better contrast in the melodies. I then added the broken beat feel and percussive elements to get it moving. The music was inspired by the rise and fall of bacterial colonies that inhabit our bodies day in and day out, changing and evolving without us even realising. The two sections overlap but never fully integrate“.

Talking about the EP, Joel explains, “this music is inspired mainly by the book I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong. It’s an amazing insight into the incredibly significant impact the microscopic world of bacteria have on us and everything else in the world. The music was made whilst reading the book, taking inspiration from the stories he tells, the behaviours he describes and the multitudes of living things we can’t see.

Listen below.