404.zero is the project of Russian media artist and designer Kristina Karpysheva and co-founder of Tundra audiovisual studio Alexander Lezius. They announced the release of the debut album titled 404.zero which will be out on June 5th via Icelandic label Bedroom Community.

According to the press release, they expand the idea of art by experimenting on the borders of media and video art, music, acoustics, design and architecture. Album “404.0” was created at the famousGreenhouse Studio in Reykjavik, where Bjork, Sigur Rós and Brian Enorecorded their music. While working on this album, it was important for the 404.zero to completely disconnect from any visual and sound distractions; the improvised sessions in Iceland became a way to destress and to get away from the tiring rhythm of big cities.

The sound of their new album captures the visual purity of the nature of the Northern Hemisphere –  it can be heard in literally every note. They achieved this effect by using only analog electronic instruments such as Buchla synthesizers and the popular modular synthesizer format Eurorack; as well as by doing a final mix on analog equipment. The “404.0” album blends a variety of styles of clever meditative electronics. Transcendent mysticism, reminiscent of Tangerine Dream, is in dialogue with multilayered textures of dark-ambient. An impressive otherworldly sound – in the spirit of Autechre – is multiplied by immersive sound rituals that could be compared to Sunn O))).  

Check the full streaming below.