Francesco Perissi XO is a Florence-based producer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist. He announced the release of a new album titled Rossana which will be out on September 18th via Guelfo. He explains: “Rossana is the pretext to connect mind and soul, complex and more instinctive musical elaborations, reaching a moment in which the pain of absence becomes liberation

According to the press release, It contains a symbolic imagery of the emotional sphere of affectivity, often marked by destructive and constructive impulses. Mourning can be defined as the psychological state following the loss of someone or something which has been a significant and integral part of existence.

The description of these processes occurs through five progressive phases, borrowed from Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (1926-2004), describing the overcoming of a traumatic event: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the track “Wordless” which represents the denial phase. Five minutes which show the rough flow of the sound and the well-built fragmented rhythms.

Listen below.