Dan Drohan is an American drummer, producer, and composer which grew up in Rochester NY and studied at Berklee College of Music in 2011. He is also known for his work with artists as  Maggie Rogers, Nick Hakim, Tei Shi, Wilsen, Ang Low, Olden Yolk, Sid Sriram. He announced the release of a new solo album.

You’re A Crusher / drocan!  is out on June 26th. We already shared “Strength”; “Leave It Loading” is a new excerpt. He explains: “Leave It Loading” was one of the songs that the trio recorded together in Brooklyn. I had demoed songs on my laptop, similar to other work – “Strength”, or “Through the Night” or “Pictured” etc. and Derek and Bobbie really dug, so we flushed out to record the instrumental. It was simple on the outside, but what a marathon of energy it was to play this one! Although the recording was then taking the next week and finally produced on my flight to India to tour with Sid Sriram, it was still the rawness that I left in there that could be unbelievable to some ears.

The playing wasn’t edited as much as treated and mangled. The track served conceptually in my mind as a statement of patience and deciding to let something lie for a while before jumping to conclusions or jumping to a solution. It also a statement on just living! Staying off the computer, taking moments to go outside. Leave the computer loading, whatever you’re downloading and go do something else. The goal is always to have people find their own metaphor amongst the title and lyrics of the music. I don’t want to bang over their head any one particular concept.”