Iszlai is a Budapest-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Recently, he released a new album titled Jazzamped which is out now via New York based label The Rust Music. According to the press release, it blends the borders between freeform composition and timeless sample collaging.

Each track merges a bevy of organic, original instrumentation with precision synthesis and imaginative resampling. The underlying ensemble atmosphere across the album ties it together like a film grain on a dramatic vignette, with every texture feeling at once distinct, specific, and homogenous with the culture of tones that surround it. It’s hard to avoid the draw of Iszlai’s arrangements, and it’s even harder to pinpoint any comparisons; each song in tandem betrays a stunning compositional scope, and Jazzamped channels that musicianship into a veritable adventure through Iszlai’s aural imagination.

Listen below.