Kassel Jaeger is the project of French Paris-based avant-garde composer François J. Bonnet, also known for the collaboration with artists such as Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi or Jim O’Rourke. One year after Le Lisse et le Strié, he announced the release of a new full-length. Swamps/Things is out on July 10th via Shelter Press.

He explains: “Swamps/Things has been conceived as an opera. An opera without characters, without text, but not without story. The story, here, is only an arc. Because what is an opera, if not an arc ? And the arc, here, is the simplest. It’s walking through the swamp. Approaching it, leaching into it, becoming it. The Swamp is us. Our own disappearance, populated by all the beasts we have turned into, by the places we have haunted, and by the time we have consumed. We are traces in an always intermediate state. Animals tracks in the sodden earth of the Swamp.” 

River Wensum Roe Deers” is a new excerpt. Listen below.