Drexler is the project of the Australian, London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Adrian Leung. Last year he released the first EP titled The Confluence and now he announced the release of the first full-length. Handles will be out via Rhodium. It is a record that musically dialogues on the recurring theme of how light is able to emerge, survive, and even thrive in darkness.

We introduced him with the track “Blossoms”; “Ghosts Have Arrived” is the second excerpt. Check it below.

“Ghosts Have Arrived”, takes its name from a previously unreleased track that was written over a decade ago. Inspired by indie artist Bon Iver’s story of retreating to the woods to write “For Emma, Forever Ago”, Drexler collected his instruments and moved to a house in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Influenced by the eeriness of the house and being alone in the night, the original track featured a choir of voices that slowly drift into the distance like a chorus of ghosts. In a strange coincidence, Drexler’s grandmother suddenly fell ill and passed away the night he wrote this song.

This new version of Ghosts Have Arrived is a piano and cello duet (feat. Alistair Sung), accompanied by shimmering guitars, textural strings, and the slow lilt of a recording of Lake Kawaguchi in Japan. Like a final goodbye, the piece ends with the sound of a distant ambulance and the original sample of ghostly choral voices.