Bristol based producer Rob Ellis AKA Pinch will release his first solo album 13 years. Reality Tunnels will be out this summer via his own label, Tectonic.  It takes both its title and concept from the idea of a ‘reality tunnel’, which was originally espoused by American author, futurist and ‘agnostic mystic’ Robert Anton Wilson.

“I first made the track ‘Back to Beyond’ following a complicated experience with infinity. I decided it was going to be the cornerstone of my second solo LP and set about making more music with that purpose in mind. There were to be no boundaries placed on the music; it would just be for me.

‘Reality Tunnels’ is a concept that was originally introduced by Robert Anton Wilson in his 1983 book ‘Prometheus Rising’. In essence, the concept of a reality tunnel relates to an idea on how we create our own perspective – the subjective filter that we each apply to the world around us; the things we perceive and what our consciousness deems worthy of attention, IE what we see and hear is entirely relative to what we do not. 
Our beliefs, values, behaviours and so on, which we create and can therefore reshape, are the product of our individual reality tunnels. Every track on the album serves as its own reality tunnel and each tells a different part of my musical story”, explains Ellis.

Watch the official video for the first excerpt “Accelerated Culture“.