Isolating is the project of New York-based producer Stephen Hindman, better known for his work with the duo The Golden Filter with Penelope Trappes. Recently, he released a new EP titled System which is out via Glasgow-based label Optimo Music. He explains: “It’s my permanent, weird solo space to make primitive noisy beats and gritty soundscapes. The alias was taken from my old label name “Perfectly Isolated” – nothing to do with flattening the curve, but more to do with the social anxiety of feeling isolated upon periodically moving to different cities, neighbourhoods, and apartments all my life, never really letting life get too comfortable.

With that in mind, ’System’ EP was created in a small London room, alone, with modular and analogue gear while watching Tarkovsky films, reading Aldous Huxley books, and hearing about Brexit every day on social media. Those were the days”. Watch the official video for the track “But Please“.