From My House To Your House is the collaborative 5-track EP between Scottish musician and producer  Alan Cormack aka The Alien Cormorant and Italian singer songwriter Cecilia Miradoli (PINHDAR). It will be out on June 5th via Bandcamp. All proceeds from the online sales of the EP will be donated to the charities; Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico di Milano and Dundee Foodbank. Five tracks which show a well-built tension, fragmented and dynamic ambient lines with darkwave and dream-folk influences. 

According to the press release, Via email the pair shared their experiences of living in lockdown in their respective home cities – Miradoli in Milan (the European COVID-19 epicentre) and The Alien Cormorant in Dundee, Scotland. Those discussions quickly became musical ideas that they swapped, worked on in isolation & then recorded in their own home studios – the result being From My House To Your House, the title inspired by graffiti spotted by Miradoli in Milan.

Miradoli says of the collaboration: “Space contracts while our minds expand, creating images and sounds and it’s even freer to invent than before. My darker side arises, speaking of solitude and melancholic despair, mixing in fear but not without a light of hope. Writing lyrics while you hear ambulances running outside, or to compose a melody while the only portion of blue sky you’re allowed to see is the one through the buildings outside of your window, describes the mood I was in while working on The Alien Cormorant’s music. Music that came to me from a different country, a different house… living the same dramatic historic moment”.

The Alien Cormorant adds: “Although these strange times have put restrictions on what we class as a normal way of life, there is also a lot more time to contemplate and be creative. This collaboration has sound-tracked my life for the last month and it has brought me much comfort and hope for the future. I hope the listener can experience this too”.

Listen below.