Dan Drohan is an American drummer, producer, and composer which grew up in Rochester NY and studied at Berklee College of Music in 2011. He is also known for his work with artists as  Maggie Rogers, Nick Hakim, Tei Shi, Wilsen, Ang Low, Olden Yolk, Sid Sriram. He announced the release of a new solo album.

You’re A Crusher / drocan!  is out on June 26th. “Strength” is the first excerpt. He explains: ” “Strength” is an experience more than anything else. Like most work of mine, it’s a combination of certain drum recordings and experiments with recording and other sounds, guitars, vocals, synths that were from all different time periods and combined… This one was made over the course of 2019 but then really found its form after Mike Cantor of drocan felt it had to be released. So I used his energy in the room. It turned into an anthem for us and we kept trying to pinpoint what music it reminded us of. It ultimately is a great example of what a lot of this music is, which is that it completes some sort of void that we can find fragments in with other artists music but haven’t felt them together before in one song. The lyrics to this song will come out later after people absorb it for what they think it means to them :)”

Listen below.