Alois are a Swiss band comprised of Martin Schenker (Guitar), Pascal Eugster (Bass), Florian Schneider (Drums), Luzius Schuler (Synths), Keys and Lukas Weber (Percussion). According to the press release, they created their own world of dance-oriented artpop. It reflects the band’s interest in synth-driven songwriting blending electronic beats with tropical guitars and exploring the rhythms of various musical cultures.

Three years ago, they released their first full-length titled Mint. Now they announced the release of their sophomore album. Azul is out on June 5th via Red Brick Chapel. We have the pleasure to premiere a new excerpt titled “Nichts“. Martin Schenker explains: “For me this track defines the character of our record Azul. It deals with deep emotions, being bound to someone and trying to define what this relationship really means. There’s a phrase about the fire at Notre Dame, somehow it was a huge historical event, and at the same time it was just old wood going up in flames. But it’s also a track to dive into and to let yourself be carried off by the waves of the rhythm and sound.”

Listen below and find them on Facebook.