Two years after A Humdrum Star, Manchester-based jazz collective GoGo Penguin (Chris Illingworth, Nick Blacka, Rob Turner) announced the release of a new self-titled album which will be out on June 5th via Blue Note. We already shared “Atomised”, “F Maj Pixie” and “Kora”; “Don’t Go” is a new excerpt.

Bassist Nick Blacka explains: “Don’t Go is an emotive piece with a semi-improvised bass melody over a repeating piano riff. We wanted to create a sense of emotion using the sonorous timbre of the double bass against the sound of the prepared piano. At the very end you can hear our co-producer, Brendan Williams, pick up the microphone whilst Chris is still playing the piano and walk out of the room, closing the door. We chose this piece to end the album because we wanted to make it feel like the listener had been sitting right there in the room listening to us play, and the closing of the door signifies the end.”

Listen below.