Demian Licht is a Mexican, Berlin-based producer. She debuted back in 2016 with “Female Criminals” trilogy and her cinematic live A/V shows, collaborating also with Female:Pressure and Discwoman to promote diversity and equality in the dance music scene, also in Mexico — she is still the first and only woman certified as Ableton Certified Trainer in Latin America. More Demian Licht releases are out via Phantom Limb’s Visitant and Eotrax, the latter also home to Paula Temple and Nene H.

She announced the release of the debut full-length. Die Kraft is out on July 10th via Motus Records. According to the press release, it is the soundtrack of a female ceremony, a unified dance among light/darkness, fragility/strength, femininity/masculinity where cultures, symbols and languages join together and translate each other — German, Aztec, Mexican, Greek, Latin.

In Die Kraft live show, music, light and architecture are orchestrated in collaboration with Fragments and Forms, a Mexico City-based multimedia studio. “Instinto” is the first excerpt. Listen below.