Cosse are a Paris-based band comprised of Nils Bö, Lola Frichet, Felipe Sierra and Timothé Garson. Their music is inspired by band as Girl Band, Slint and Sonic Youth. Post-rock textures meet noisy vibes. They announced the release of the debut EP titled Nothing Belongs To Anything. It will be out on June 12th via A Tant Rêver Du Roi and Grabuge Records.

Today we share the official video for the track “The Ground” which shows their ability to balance the blurry melodies with the rough and powerful intensity. They explain: It’s the last song of the Ep and also the last one we play during our shows, because there is something in “The Ground” that give you a sensation of explosion that contrast with softer hypnotic phases. It’s like an ending ritual, in which we burn everything!”

About the video, they say: “The music video was shot with a 360 camera, full DIY. So we didn’t need a team or a cameraman at all times. It’s a medium that hasn’t been that much used so far, so it was really cool to experiment and to explore the different possibilities. For instance the ability to make a sphere out of the image inspired us to write the script. The main character ends up swallowed by a pipe or stuck into this sphere. We’re losing a bit the notion of the horizon, what is up and down, all of that was really good matter to build a story and play with situations. The clip is a nightmare you don’t wake up from, the character is chased by an elusive threat. Spaces, faces, are changing around him but the feeling stay the same. An endless fleeing that has no way out. We didn’t want the story to take too much room, but to focus more on what this guy is actually living, to disorientate and not really understand what’s going on and put the accent on the ambiances, the bizarre and the graphic textures. Also, the song has some very hypnotic phases, so abstract pictures matched really well on it. In post, we decided to superimpose images with different colors. So the character is doubled. This makes him blurred and unstable as everything around him.”

Watch it below.